Welcome to Circle Train!

This site shows the simulation of a so called “Circle train”.

As the expression “Circle Train” is used in different ways, the definition used in this context is given at first:

A circle train is a train running on a continuos fast speed track with a constant speed. Trains use the circle for their long distance travel only, they start outside and to reach the final destination they leave the circle .

The circle with destinations in form of a wind rose is an idealized form to ease understanding and calculation, it can be any closed line. Please check the simplifications used in this simulation and the key concepts of a circle train.

The simulation in the video shows an example of trains running in a time-lapse during one day. Every half an hour, 2 trains leave from each starting point, the first one runs to the next exit, the second one to the exit on the opposite side of the circle.

The description of the simulation step by step shows and describes the demo in detail.

On the page Goals and possible benefits you might find out what for a circle train system might be useful.

Eventually you can find the results on their separate page.